Camp Moja 2024 will be $350. The cost will include a $50 deposit due at the time of registration. 

Campers must be:

  • 18 years or older
  • Able to independently to toilet and shower themselves
  • Able to walk 1/4 miles without assistance, or with assisted devices
  • Not be an active choking risk
  • Not had a violent outburst in the past year

If you have any questions about the above, please email before registering. 

If you sign up and are placed on the waitlist, we will let you know if a spot opens up!

Before registering- please have the following information at hand:

  • Recent photo of camper (will need to be uploaded to ACTIVE site – shoulders and up only please).*
  • Photo/copy of the insurance/Medicaid card (will need to be uploaded to the ACTIVE site).*
  • What time of day does the camper take meds (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, bed)
  • Camper T-shirt size
  • Degree of camper’s intellectual disability (mild, moderate, or severe)
  • Camper’s diet (regular, vegetarian, gluten-free or dairy-free)
  • Has/is the camper
    • Had a choking assessment in the last year. Are they a choking risk? 
    • Can the camper transport themselves independently?
    • Can the camper care for themselves (i.e. shower, restroom, feed) independently?
    • A violent outburst in the last year 
    • A fall in the last 90 days
    • Have a latex allergy? If yes, can they be in a room with balloons?


  • Name, phone, email of the person for whom the medical registration should be sent (this should be the parent who lives with the camper, a QDDP/Case Manager, or house manager. not the camper)
  • Name, phone, email of the person (legal guardian or camper who is their own guardian) who will need to sign the waivers

Optional information to have on hand*:

  • Does the camper have a roommate/counselor preference?
  • Does the camper have a talent for the talent show already picked out (if so, what)

*these items are required, but not at the time of registration. 

If you have any questions or are unsure of how to answer any of the registration questions please email us at

Moja Love, The Director Team