Camp Moja staff consists of volunteers who participate in the planning, preparation and execution of camp. The camp directors, Mr. Moja, nurses, teachers, head counselors, counselors and many support staff assist in running camp and its various events throughout the year. Staff positions are filled based on a person’s desire and ability to fill the role.  Our counselors are the largest group of volunteers that help to make Camp Moja successful. They are a very special group of people who spend one week of their summer focusing on the needs and desires of the Camp Moja campers.

Counselors spend the week working directly with the campers 
during their daily activities and are provided a selfless experience that is memorable not only for the campers, but for them as well. Counselors must be at least 15 years of age, submit a Youth Worker Application and complete the online counselor application.  If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity or would like more information, please contact us at

Counselors and staff arrive at camp a day before the campers.  During this time, they are provided with the training needed to make the week successful for them and the campers. Training includes a child protection class, required for all first time counselors, as well as guidance on how to interact with campers, tips on motivating campers, and any pieces of information that will help the counselor be the best they can be.

**New in 2024 any Community of Christ volunteer attending a Community of Christ camp (resident camp, Spectacular, Peace and Justice Trip, or Reunion) will be eligible for a $250 campership towards your CoC camp experience. In order to receive the campership the volunteer must spend the entire week at Camp Moja in their designated roll.  

Other counselor expectations during the week at Camp Moja include: 

  • No alcohol, illegal substances, firearms or fireworks on property at anyime.
  • Camper NEEDS are always first, especially when dealing with the general safety of campers and counselors, including keeping campers in their sight at all times.
  • Staff are encouraged to not use their phones during camp times; designated times will be allowed.
  • All counselor medications (prescription, nonprescription,  vitamins and herbal) are turned in to the Camp Nurse prior to camper arrival.
  • HAVE FUN!!!